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What is Good Thnx?

Good Thnx is a new web and smartphone-based fundraising platform seeking to dramatically lower the fundraising costs of Australian charities.

Sitting behind the app is an efficient payment platform that collects and aggregates many small donations, periodically redistributing those funds to the users’ charities of choice. Funds are managed through Good Thnx Foundation, a non-profit Public Ancillary Fund with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.

There is no direct cost for a charity to be listed on Good Thnx, the Good Thnx app, nor for the receipt of donations. 100% of the intended donation passes through.

Why did we build Good Thnx?

Principally, this is about drawing in new donors to the Australasian charitable sector, by appealing to new market segments, many of whom are not established charity donors.

We wanted to make it much easier to give small amounts (micro-donations) and enhance the belief that donations do ‘get through’, by significantly lowering the associated fundraising costs of quality charities.

How does it work?

A user of Good Thnx can choose to 'thank' a friend who has done a good deed, by donating an amount on their behalf to a charity of the friend’s choice. The good deed could be providing some advice, helping to move furniture, picking up the kids from school, or whatever.

The 'thankee' receives an email from their friend saying that an amount has been pre-donated for them to allocate. They click on the link and simply select their preferred charity from the list. The recipient doesn’t need to have the Good Thnx app installed themselves.

The amount donated could be as little as 50c, or $2, or $5, or $20, or whatever.

Anyone who has the app installed can see a running total of how many people they’ve thanked, or received thanks from – and how much they’ve donated, or have had donated on their behalf.

These transactions can be socialised through Facebook, Twitter, etc if/as the parties wish.

What does it cost those charities who participate?

There is no direct cost for a charity to be listed in the Good Thnx app, nor for the receipt of donations. 100% of the intended donation passes through.

Who owns the donor data?

Under this model, the user is donating to Good Thnx Foundation who, in turn, passes aggregated donations onto their final destination. Hence the transactional relationship, and donor data, resides with Good Thnx Foundation.

Good Thnx provides its charity partners with reports at the time of each funds transfer to the charity, and an annual report summarising the year. This is aggregated data and does not include personal user information.

While we understand charities’ preferences to have all this data, it is not feasible in this case. It’s important to remember that for Good Thnx to be free, the model needs to be simple and ultra-low cost; the individual transactions amounts will mostly be quite small (i.e. micro-donations); and the users expect the experience to be quick and easy. Good Thnx takes a user-centric view in this respect.

How can charities communicate with these users?

In keeping with the spirit of ‘thanking good deeds’, it’s entirely appropriate that charities have the opportunity to send back messages of ‘thanks’ to those who’ve nominated them to receive the funds. Our intention is to do this upon the achievement of certain milestones. For example: when a total of $10,000 has been received for a new water well, everyone contributing to that outcome may receive a message from the charity through Good Thnx, or; a particular user (or ‘thankee’) also receives a thank you message when they are personally responsible for achieving a certain milestone (e.g. every $200 raised).

A range of such scenarios are possible. Good Thnx will work with each charity partner to define what best works for them, and explore what may be feasible.

How are donors issued with tax receipts?

Good Thnx Foundation is the entity that issues tax receipts, because it is the initial recipient of the funds.

Why is this better than other online donation platforms?

The first thing is to say is the donation experience/context is different from other options. So in that sense Good Thnx can happily sit alongside other fundraising methods. As such it is more complementary than directly competing.

Secondly, to the extent that one may want to compare Good Thnx to other platforms, we suggest that you look at net cost. Because of the low-cost, self-funding business model; the non-profit status of the Public Ancillary Fund that distributes funds; and the better-than-commercial arrangement we have with Commonwealth Bank as a result, Good Thnx comes out way in front. At the end of the day, this means more money to charities.