Monday 21 September, 2015

World Gratitude Day

Good Thnx, an Australian app that is creating a world with more gratitude, invites Australians to join them in saying thanks and celebrating World Gratitude Day today, Monday 21 September.

Co-founder, Shannon Poulton, says thay gratitude is a powerful force for good.

“In the 60 years since World Gratitude Day was founded, research has increasingly highlighted that having time in one’s life for gratitude, appreciation and positive reflection positively impacts our well-being and makes us happier people,” Mr Poulton said.

Amplifying and harnessing gratitude is the core design feature of Good Thnx’s free thanking platform, a world-first innovation developed in Adelaide and launched just over two months ago.

People, primarily through their smartphones, use on their browser or the free Android app to send a ‘Thnx’ - a short message of gratitude combinedwith a pre-donated amount that the person being thanked allocates to their prefered charity. Over 1500 Thnx have been sent in the first two months, with 36 charitable organisations now joining the platform.

“We all know someone who has done good for us, or for others. Showing our appreciation creates a positive behavioural loop, encouraging more acts of kindness and goodness, and so on,” Mr Poulton said.

To say Thnx on World Gratitude Day, Australians can go to and say thnx straight from their web browser, or download and use the free Android app.

Thanks to the generosity of other Australians, you can also take advantage of a free $1 credited to your account when you sign up to say your first Thnx.

Good Thnx ran a successful crowdfunding campaign prior to launch, raising $11,170 to allocate $1 to new users so they can get started on rewarding good, saying thnx and changing the world. is open for all Australian charities with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status to join.