Friday 2 November, 2018

Join leading businesses in donating $1 million this Christmas, where customers choose the charities

With Good Thnx, businesses transform traditional non-inclusive gifts, such as wine or company branded desk trinkets, into a meaningful contribution to Australian charities this festive season.

At Christmas, businesses often turn their attention to showing their gratitude to employees and customers for their support throughout the year. Good Thnx, a platform that powers gratitude while assisting people and companies with their charitable giving, is offering businesses the opportunity to harness this festive gratitude to invest in the amazing work of Australian charities.

Good Thnx first pioneered this product with customer Google Australia in December 2016. Google used the Good Thnx platform to thank valued customers and partners, with those thanked choosing which of charities should receive the donation. The customer feedback was so positive that Google Australia has continued to use the platform for its year-end customer thanking.

This year Good Thnx is inviting other Australian businesses to join in donating a total of $1 million to charities this festive season. Here’s why you might consider doing so:

If your business was already thinking of spending money this Christmas to say thank you to your employees or customers, get in touch to learn more about how you can harness your gratitude to fuel the work of great Australian charities.

About Good Thnx

Good Thnx, a platform that powers gratitude while assisting people and companies with their charitable giving, launched in July 2015 with a simple idea: when someone does good, say thanks - with the thank you being a prepaid charitable donation - where the recipient chooses the charity.

Good Thnx celebrated two big milestones in July 2018 - the platform celebrated its 3rd birthday, and it passed the $500,000 raised for Australian charities!

Over the past three years, Good Thnx has evolved from a peer-to-peer gratitude platform to providing a suite of software solutions for businesses to harness gratitude while donating to charities. Today, our software and the Good Thnx Foundation is used in Australia by leading businesses that value impactful corporate social responsibility to:

1. Thank Customers

By replacing traditional non-inclusive gifts such as wine or company branded desk trinkets.

2. Thank Colleagues

Good Thnx improves team engagement by providing timely feedback on great work delivered. We have developed a platform for staff to receive timely recognition for great work and contributions from their work colleagues, managers and customers to provide a meaningful alternative bonus.

If you’d like to learn more about how Good Thnx can work with your business or charity, visit us at We’d love the opportunity to collaborate with you to raise funds for the causes you care about.