When someone
does good...


Write a message and add an amount for a charity or cause

It can be as little as 10c, or as much as you like.

And do some
good for others.

The thnx notifies your friend and they choose where the money goes.

It's that good.

We encourage people to be good to each other to ensure more good things happen.


People do GOOD all the time and with Good Thnx you can acknowledge it. Whether it be an early morning airport drop off, a late night pizza delivery, being a Saturday night wingman, or an enthusiastic workout buddy, it’s all good. The good we do is not only the little favours, it can also be in the big moments: engagements, milestones, a growing family, a graduation, a promotion at work... all of it. We add value to each others lives each and every day and Good Thnx encourages you to recognise its impact.


No matter how BIG or SMALL, good is good, and it deserves a thnx. Good Thnx enables you to do this in an easy, innovative way, that is also good for the world. The thnx is: rewarding the good by writing a short message and pre-donating money to their charity of choice. Your donation can be as little as $0.10 or as much as you like. Using Good Thnx has a powerful effect on community, and the best part is, the more often you do it, the bigger the impact.


The more good you do = the more thnx you receive = the more funds raised for charity. We recognise passions are as diverse as we are, so we now partner with 115 charities in 12 categories. 100% of your thnx passes through to the charity and there is no direct cost for a charity to be listed or receive donations. The Good Thnx platform is open to all Australian charities and other organisations who have deductible gift recipient status.


We realise we don’t always have time to actively contribute to the causes we feel passionate about. Good Thnx is our solution; we have created an easy, creative and collaborative way for you to contribute to a good cause, while motivating others to join you. Ultimately, we developed the Good Thnx app to encourage new donors to the charitable sector by creating new and convenient motivations for giving, lowering the associated fundraising costs of charities and changing the status quo: enhancing the belief 100% of a donation will reached its intended destination.