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Inclusive gifting
with purpose.

We're on a mission to build the world's best corporate gifting tool, delivering gifts that don't go to waste.

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We help companies scale gifting

Gifting to customers and employees at scale can be difficult, as people have different preferences which means sometimes business gift miss their mark.


Team appreciation with gifts where employees receive timely and specific recognition for great work and milestones achieved from their colleagues, managers and customers.


Customer appreciation at scale with gift options that minimise waste. Make customers feel valued, build better relationships and improve retention.

Partner Network

An extensive partner network of charities and retailers with the ability to curate selections yourself, giving your employees or customers choice between a donation or a physical gift.

For you

Personalised and branded platform with privacy controls that suit the way you want to appreciate and gift. Most importantly you own your data at all times.

Appreciated by great companies

Gifting, thanking and recognising all the good things. By appreciating people you improve culture, engagement and ultimately, retention. This is how we work together.

Over the last couple of years, Google has moved away from sending out holiday gifts to their partners — and instead offer to donate that money to some very worthy causes. It’s Google's contribution, but their choice.


An amazing initiative within SAPN that not only improves team engagement from feedback on great work and contributions delivered but also helps those in need. A double-whammy of goodness.

The Children's Hospital at Westmead

We feel so honoured that so many customers nominated Kids Rehab as their chosen charity and for the opportunity to be included in this awesome campaign.

Google Commonwealth Bank SA Power Networks 10x10 Philanthropy Beyond Blue Thankyou.

Options to scale out your journey

Small (basic)


per month

Ideal for business with up to 200 people

  • Thank employees with gifts
  • Access to partner network
  • Closed private platform

Medium (standard)


per month

Ideal for business with 201-1000 people

  • Basic features +
  • Thank customers with gifts at scale
  • Open public platform

Enterprise (premium)


per month

Ideal for business with over 1000 people

  • Basic and standard features +
  • Add your own gifting partner network
  • Specific privacy controls

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